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About Us

Our company has been designing and creating award winning landscape projects for the past 26 years… We still love what we do after all these years.

We also build landscape and gardening apps that make your work (and life) easier. Whether it's estimating, designing or contracting, we have the tools for you. We develop apps for professional contractors, enthusiastic homeowners and students studying landscape design and horticulture!

Oh and by the way, yes - we still do landscape design…

We Get It:

You're Overwhelmed

And That's Ok...

Remember when you purchased your first Espresso Macchiato or Iced White Chocolate Mocha or Cinnamon Dolce Latte? Navigating though and understanding landscape design and the process involved - is kinda the same. Don't worry we're here to help...

We know landscape design just like we know our coffee mocha locha chai!

| inˈlītn | enˈlītn | VERB
give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation.


We design some of the coolest apps for contractors!


We design some of the coolest apps for homeowners!

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Praise us, enlighten us, or send us to hell and back. We have big shoulders, just stay in the moment.

Have A Look At Our Company Abstract

Have to admit, this is one of my favorite articles to write!

Why Lein Design?

We are really cool people!
We think you're really cool too!
We think you should be able discuss your landscape design services in a professional environment.

Free from judgment.
Just like when you buy coffee or tea.

About Us

We are a professional landscape design company, committed to provinding you with the best custom design service.

Pronounced: LINE DESIGN



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