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Our Design Fee calculator will calculate and display a price you may wish to use when quoting design type projects. Applies best to architectural design, construction design, landscape design, automotive design, industrial design and commercial design. If you wish to email the resulting proposal to yourself or any other email address, you can! This app is best used by design professionals, wishing to establish proper design fee proposal techniques. This app also allows you to input additional categories unique to your specific business operation. Each item can by edited (hours) for your specific project quotation. There are currently 18 unique design fee entities for input.

Redesigned both iPhone and iPad versions for better user experience

* Included an hourly fee calculator, so you can now better determine your true hourly rate. * Add new input categories including: Material Fee Printing / Reproduction Fee Fuel Fee Meals Fee * Client information is saved to app, so you do not have to continually input data until you wish to delete and start over. * Added a basic numeric calculator * Added a Facebook "like us" link
Great app and very useful, I love it.
Jord - Canada