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We now have available to contractors a desktop version of our popular iPhone app! We know there are times you're in the office and have a need to work from your desktop or your laptop. When you find your self in this situation, just fire up these spreadsheet templates and away you go. You'll have those estimates and costing done in no time.

As a contractor you can estimate the entire landscape project including; sod, seed, topsoil. mulch, beach stone, decorative rocks, boulders, paving stone, gravel base, sand levelling course, plant material, labour, equipment, overhead, taxes with our user friendly point and click interface.

  • Designed to allow easy editing of major landscape industry components such as different labour rates for unique workers, such as skilled labour, crew leader, supervisor, etc.

This desktop version is our contractor / professional estimating package as it allows you to calculate material quantities add then add costs of materials as well as labour, equipment and office costs. This is a complete all-in-one estimating and costing app.

Our app is unique as we allow you to adjust certain formulas with custom data. Don't worry we only allow this when needed and indicate so, in the calculator interface.

Customize prices for all our calculators via our setup screen including prices for rolls of sod, lbs. of grass seed, cubic yards of topsoil, cubic yards of mulch and bag of mulch, cubic yards of beach stone, lbs. of boulders and decorative rocks, sq. ft. of paving stone, gravel base, sand levelling course, geotextile fabric and landscape fabric.

Includes a separate line item for controlling taxes based on your province or state.

Includes additional items including delivery charges and rental charges.

Designed a simple and easy to use interface. Designed for the professional contractor, retailer, student and homeowner!


  • Estimate quantities based on length x width measurements
  • Estimate quantities based on area measurements
  • Estimate Rolls of Sod
  • Estimate lbs. of Grass Seed
  • Estimate Cubic Yards of Topsoil
  • Estimate Cubic Yards of Mulch
  • Estimate Bags of Mulch
  • Estimate Cubic Yards of Beach Stone
  • Estimate Sq. Ft. of Paving Stone including:(gravel, sand and geotextile as well)

* Calculators are programmed to calculate based on industry standards

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