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Welcome to a new cookbook designed for those of you that want to prepare a great hardy meal and are not afraid to use butter and fat!

For some of you, these are meals you remember as a child, long before we had to watch our waist and worry about calorie counting. If this is the first time trying this type of food, well are you in for a treat.

Sometimes there is nothing better than good, old-fashioned comfort food. Like the comfort food Oma (Grandma) used to make. These are the foods included here in Oma's Cooking... meals that taste as good as they look and in the end will fill you up and of course, make you happy and content...

I have the had the pleasure of growing up in a German family where both Mom and Oma cooked great home cooked meals. I know from my friends at work, not everyone knows how to cook this way. I have always loved sharing my food with the guys at work, and they always let me know how fortunate I am to come from a family that knows how to cook, good hardy tasty meals, and deserts.

This app includes meals, side dishes and deserts, for you to try and enjoy!

If you'd like to keep a printable version handy, you can email the recipe. You'll want to tell your friends about the recipes you've found and made using our Facebook link, found at the top of every recipe.

You can create notes using our notepad and even create a shopping list so your ready to go once you find a wonderful recipe to make for your family an friends.

Our app is supported and written by both our Oma and Mother. This is a testament to great cooking and eating. We hope you enjoy our meals, side dishes, and deserts.
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