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*Can now estimate entire paving project including; paving stone, gravel base, sand levelling course, geotextile fabric, labour, equipment, overhead, taxes etc. This app rocks!

* All data is saved to app so you will NOT lose data if you want to finish estimate another day.

* Designed to allow easy editing of major landscape industry components such as different labour rates for unique workers, such as skilled labour, crew leader, supervisor, etc.

* Comes with 4 additional database entry systems to allow you save, edit and review customers entries, prices of goods, suppliers and contacts. This is a major customer request and we delivered!

* Dollar sign (currency) is now Country Specific and will now display the currency symbol specific to your country!

This app is our contractor / professional version as it allows you to calculate material quantities add then add costs of materials as well as labour, equipment and office costs. This is a complete all-in-one estimating and costing app.

You can email the results in a clean formatted document for reference or to create your client proposal. This function is useful for recording and documenting your project materials, project costs, project labour etc.

Our app is unique as we allow you to adjust certain formulas with custom data, including depth of gravel base and depth of sand levelling course

Customize prices for all our calculators via our setup screen including sq. ft. of paving stone, gravel base, sand levelling course and geotextile fabric.

Includes a separate line item for controlling taxes based on your province or state.

Includes additional items including delivery charges and rental charges.

Includes the ability to include a project name and address if you choose. Most useful for contractors wishing to keep track of different project costs.

Designed a simple and easy to use interface. Designed for the professional contractor, retailer, student and homeowner!


* unique estimating calculators
* Estimate quantities based on length x width measurements
* Estimate quantities based on area measurements

* Estimate Sq. Ft. of Paving Stone including:(gravel, sand and geotextile as well)

* Calculators are programmed to calculate based on industry standards

Many of you have asked for a new client area to track projects with photos. We've listened and updated our app to allow you to create 3 new database client systems including Residential, Commercial and Maintenance.

Each of these database systems now allows you to add photos for a cleaner visual experience when tracking your projects from start to finish beyond the estimate.
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Complete paving stone estimating app. Allows me to calculate sand, gravel and paving stone in one calculation - just like we do in the office!
Jason Milling - Milling Group of Companies Ltd.