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As a contractor or builder, do you need to find the difference in elevation to maintain a proper slope? Need to build a patio and figure out the difference in height to establish that 2% slope for drainage? Are you required to build a berm at a maximum slope of 33%? This app will calculate these and hundreds of other scenarios for you.

Our app works in both metric and imperial measurements.

After you've used the calculator to determine the correct answer, you can email results of those calculations including an attached screen capture so you have a permanent record of your data.

Do you find you need to take pictures and write notes of a project site. You can take and save up to 10 pictures and 10 unique notes.

The images and notes are saved with app for future reference.

Notes and images can be edited and / or saved over and over or deleted when ready for next project.

Notes can be emailed to you for a permanent reference and printed from your email client.

This app is not ad supported and does not contain any hidden costs, no extra charges, and no in app purchases. One price with no hidden additional fees...
This app allows for universal inputs! Calculate your quantities and values in both imperial and metric units of measure.
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