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Live Chat Now Available

Been wanting to do this for a while, and now have successfully installed a live chat bot on our website. You can now chat live, regarding any questions you have.

Added A New Costing Info Page

plants in plan view

So many clients ask what is a fair and reasonable rate for professional design fees. In a quest to answer this question, I developed a quick info page of important information one should ask themselves when actually asking this question.

My response can be found here

Landscape Design Info

I've finally had a chance to add specific landscape design information to the website. Been doing this for 30 some years, and my girlfriend said "why don't you put up some images of your work"… I said… I'm not really a show off, but all the same, it's a good idea to promote my work.

Some serious commercial work, some is boring from an engineering side and some is fun and creative. I guess landscape designers need to wear all those hats.

Check out some of our work here.

Landscape Contractor Metric

Our famous Landscape Contractor App is being developed with a Metric option. Hundreds of users have requested this feature. We hope to have it out by Spring 2015. This will be a free update for all our existing customers!

My Garden

Now available for both the iPhone and iPad

Our Gardening App will track all the plants in your garden in our exclusive high end database.

Quick link below...