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Landscape Contractor Metric

Our famous Landscape Contractor App is being developed with a Metric option. Hundreds of users have requested this feature. We hope to have it out by Spring 2015. This will be a free update for all our existing customers!


Finally got around to adding a newsletter link to our website. If you’re interested in keeping up to date why not sign up. We promise not to send to many emails to you throughout the year. In fact, we will only send email if we think it important.

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Oma's Cooking - Live

Our completely redesigned Oma’s Cooking App is live and ready for you to download. Our app is universally available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad!

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oma's cooking app iphone ipad

Landscape Contractor 2 Live!

Our Landscape Contractor 2 app is now ready for download and is available in the App Store. Our app is universally available for the iPhone, iPod and iPad!

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Landscape Contractor 2 - Almost Ready

Our Landscape Contractor 2 Estimating App is days away from being submitted to app store for review and release to the general public. Need to write a few help files and we are ready to go!

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My Garden

Now available for both the iPhone and iPad

Our Gardening App will track all the plants in your garden in our exclusive high end database.

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Plant ID

Just released version 1.0 of our long anticipated Plant ID app.