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John has been practicing landscape design, garden design and construction development since early 1990. John Lein is a graduate of the landscape architecture program at Ryerson University (previously known as Ryerson Polytechnical Institute). John Lein is involved in residential, commercial and institutional projects.


John also lectures at St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology in the landscape design / horticulture, architecture and civil engineering programs.

John is currently the Program Coordinator of the Horticulture Program at St. Clair College of Applies Arts and Technology, in Windsor, Ontario.

App Design

All of this experience has now been used to develop iPhone and iPad apps that work for students, contractors, teachers, developers, horticulture and landscape designers. We even have apps for the general public to help make your gardening experience easier to understand.

Each of our apps, as been designed from the ground up, using our years of experience. None of our apps are released until they are ready to go and work. All of our paid apps do NOT require any other forms of buy in or upgrades, what you pay is the full working version price. We have no hidden costs.

lein design.ca

Maintains a philosophy that designing involves the concept of blending art and architecture, this combination forms an underlay for necessary plants and other soft materials.

Great design must blend nature's gifts with a deep understanding of man's needs, creating a satisfying sense of harmony and cultivating it over time. This is the 'art' of landscape architectural design and one of the driving principal concepts we establish with our clientele.

Developed sites

Buildings can serve as sculpture; they can also be arranged or clustered to enclose space; when the design attitude of the building includes sculpture the site is better viewed and appreciated; of course the designers task is to display this sculpture (building) in its most positive sense when the building encloses exterior space, site elements become the furniture within this new exterior architectural room; remember the character of the space and its contents should support and complement each other; when the site becomes highly integrated a natural common theme and sense of place occurs.

Site planning

Can be considered a compromise between the site modified to work with site and building program elements or the program prepared to take into account the features of a site the designer of the site must be involved with the site planning process from the start or beginning of the project - especially the site selection the art of design, planning, or management of the land. site planning is the art of arranging structures on the land and shaping the spaces between, an art linked to architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, and city planning.