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Our client wanted loads of berms along the front property as well as large rocks to complement those berms. I was tasked with pulling it all together. There is a real flow from the street to the home which is set back into the property.

If you follow the shape of the berms, you'll notice the rocks and plants are designed with the rhythm of the berm, unifying the entire design.

Adding the street address was a great design element anchor from which the front planting bed evolved.
Designed our own backyard pool and deck. Notice the detail in the design work.
Our clients wished for an outdoor kitchen as part of their backyard patio overhaul. There is this universal theme and combination of elements that work well together in this rather small space.

Rotating the fireplace 45 degrees, which is the main design feature and using the trellis in both a traditional and open concept worked to tie the fireplace to the entire patio.

Critical mathematics along with the 3/4 rule, presents some wonderful proportion of space.
Our clients wish for their backyard was "design it like it was your place"… So I did…

The outcome? All stone sunken patio with massive fireplace directly inline with the patio doors of the home. Add in a water feature that flows into the lower potion of the patio and you have a game changing design. This design included stone walls as both visual and physical barriers. An outdoor kitchen and bar awaits customers as they entertain the night away!

We added nightlights to bring the landscape alive at night.

Love when the customer gives you freedom to do what every you want…
Our clients live on the waterfront property, and as such needed a backyard retreat that provided both an entertainment area and maintained the important view to the water.

We delivered with this beautiful curved multilevel patio and landscape features.

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