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Plant Encyclopedia

Our new plant encyclopaedia for garden designers and plant enthusiasts! Designed by a respected Landscape Architect for garden designers.

Navigate and find appropriate plant selections the way designers want to find plants, by color, by sizes, by form etc.
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Lap Counter

This is a great simple app for those of you that do not have access to wifi while running. Use this app for those times you find yourself running laps on an inside track with no GPS signal. All that concrete and metal will cause your iPhone to stop tracking your run.
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Oma's Cooking

Welcome to a new cookbook designed for those of you that want to prepare a great hardy meal and are not afraid to use butter and fat! For some of you, these are meals you remember as a child, long before we had to watch our waist and worry about calorie counting. If this is the first time trying this type of food, well are you in for a treat.
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Baby Touch

Touch an object and a larger image will appear with a great sound clip. Entertaining for hours of fun. We know children between 2 and 10 will love this app. It's easy for the younger children as we have a cute baby that follows the younger children around the screen teaching them where to touch to go forward and return to the previous screen. Older children can turn this feature on or off at any time.
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My Garden

If you're a homeowner with a garden have we got an app for you. Our My Garden App allows users to take pictures and record plants, perennials and flowers in the garden. You can track, money spent, nursery purchased, location, warranty and other critical plant guarantee information.

Using our database you can also record, all plant needs including watering, fertilizing, pruning etc.
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Plant ID

We developed this app for those of you studying Plant Identification as part of your landscape design, horticulture, architecture, landscape architecture, arboriculture, forestry or any other program that requires you to learn plant material. This app is also a great tool for any homeowner, designer or contractor to list their favourite plants in a database.